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Ferrari is currently developing their new SUV called the Purosangue and its photos have been leaked!

It goes without saying that the world has taken a huge liking to the practical world of SUV's. At no other point in time have SUV's flooded the streets as they do today, and more specifically, cross-over SUV's.

But where does that leave supercar brands?

Yes, supercars such as Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Aston Martins and so on. But some of these companies have already developed SUV's such as Lamborghini with the Urus, and Aston Martin with the DBX. However, Ferrari has not yet hopped on the SUV train, or at least not until now it seems.

Ferrari is all about purity, brand identity, exclusivity and status. They know damn well that their customers want only the very best when it comes to all of those traits which is exactly why they are usually reluctant to adapt to new ways of technology such as hybrids, lower displacement engines with turbochargers and a few others as well, to that of what has worked for them to a great extent in the past.

However, they are more intelligent than just that, they know very well that Lamborghini's SUV, the Lamborghini Urus, is by far the best selling Lamborghini of all time as people want both the name as well as the practicality.

Ferrari simply can't afford to ignore these facts.

A recent photograph of a brand new Ferrari SUV has just leaked from within the production line factory that clearly shows what the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV will look like. It's clear that it is within the dimensions of a larger crossover SUV to a mid-sized SUV. It also features some classic Ferrari brand identity in its design and is looking hot, seriously hot!

There are 2 possible drivetrains that will likely be in the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV. It will either be fitted with a large naturally aspirated V12 engine, however, it is equally possible for it to also have a plug-in hybrid V8 petrol engine. Knowing Ferrari, they will push the boundaries of this car like Aston Martin with the DBX has just broken the new world record of being the most powerful and fastest SUV on the planet and is still cheaper than Lamborghini's offering with the Urus. Ferrari, on the other hand, will most likely charge up to $50,000 more than what Lamborghini currently asks for with the Urus, so therefore the new Ferrari Purosangue needs to put out!

So when will we see the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV? Well, judging by the progress of what Ferrari has already done with the Purosangue, it is most likely to be unveiled within the second quarter of 2022 and will be officially available for purchase towards the end of 2022.

Since the release of the leaked images, the new Ferrari Purosangue has gone completely viral. Even digital artists have made renders of what the new Ferarri Purosangue might look like in different environments.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on the Leaked images of the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV...

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