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Just look at this incredible piece of art the Italians have shared with the rest of the world, the brand new Ferrari 812 Competizione!

At first glance, you immediately get hit by the true essence of Ferrari with its stunning design that houses the front-mid V12 heart that lies within. But there are some aspects of the 812 Competizione that might have you scratching your head such as the wing that stretches over the hood and the vortex generating fins that run down its back which all work together to take this new Ferrari to a whole other level of aerodynamics.

Ferrari has made a clear statement with the new 812 Competizione as the rest of the world cans future development of combustion engines and reveals new electric alternatives, in the new 812 Competizione you'll find nothing shy of a naturally aspirated V12 which is incredibly rare for 2021.

The Ferrari 812 Competizione features a 9500rpm limiter, a 6.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 that produces 819bhp and 510 lb-ft of torque!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Shmee 150 on Check Out The New Ferrari 812 Competizione! First Look...

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