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Niki Lauda was a legendary Formula 1 racer from the 1970s, if anyone in the older generations of your family ever supported Ferrari, it’s highly likely that at some point they also sat in front of a TV screaming and shouting for a Ferrari win. While Niki Lauda’s name is usually immediately linked to that horrific refueling accident that saw him being very close to being burnt alive in his car. Not even that stopped the man from racing - pure legend. One of the cars campaigned by Lauda in the 1970s was the Ferrari 312B3, a car that won Ferrari legions of fans. Lauda had his first F1 victory at the 1974 Spanish Grand Prix in Jarama with the car you see here, and the many successes that followed meant this iconic car remained in the Ferrari museum - in full working order.

These special cars are often brought out so that current Formula 1 drivers can have a bit of a nostalgic drive in them at special shows like the Goodwood Festival of Speed, or during special pre-race grand prix events. In this instance, the old F1 car was given to current Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc, who’s half the age of the 312B3. The car, that has none of the driver aids that we see today, is a handful to drive. Leclerc was managing just fine in the car while he was taking it around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, until he wasn’t. On one of the corners, the rear lost grip causing the car to spin around and hit the tyre barriers in reverse.

The Ferrari B312B3 is powered by a 3.0-litre V12 with a flat configuration. At the time the car was capable of producing an impressive 360 kW (490 hp) at 12 000 rpm, and the resulting soundtrack is one thing that current F1 cars are missing. Luckily Leclerc wasn’t taking the iconic car out at 10/10ths, and so the incident only saw a little damage to the rear wing and some panels, so little that the old car was able to get back to the pits under it’s own power.

Take a look at the YouTube video that no doubt had some of the big bosses at Ferrari cringing for a while hoping that Niki Lauda's legendary 1974 Ferrari Formula 1 wasn't too badly damaged: Leclerc Crashes 1974 Ferrari | Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2022 | Motor Racing Clips

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