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This is a classic example of why you should never install an aftermarket stereo system in an older Ferrari. It might be the last thing you ever do to it before taking it to the scrap yard.

When you think of a Ferrari, words like expensive, exclusive, exotic, fast and luxurious probably come to mind. But, for some people, that is simply not enough. Although back in the day, Ferrari strongly advised against it, some people still insisted on installing an aftermarket stereo system. It was ill-advised largely due to Ferrari's dodgy wiring setup, but an owner of a deep green Ferrari F550 found out the hard way.

Ferrari detailer and floor manager, Eric DeJesus, tells a shocking story of how a stunning Ferrari F550 got written off.

Eric explains that one day he pitched up to work early and noticed a brand new Ferrari F550 at the workshop. It had its airbags deployed and windows shattered, but there was absolutely no damage done to the bodywork of the car and he couldn't figure it out.

A coworker then told him to have a look in the trunk and Eric noticed an aftermarket amplifier installed. He then proceeded to have a look at the inside of the doors, where he noticed that there were aftermarket speakers installed ...and then he figured out what happened.

After installing one of the door speakers, a screw was inserted a bit too tightly, which then pierced through one of the airbag sensor wires also located in the door, which instantly triggered the airbags to deploy, rendering the Ferrari F550 permanently immobile.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Vin Wiki, on Here's Why You Don't Install An Aftermarket Stereo In A Ferrari.

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