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What is the all-new Ferrari 296 GTS? It’s the breathtaking new addition to the Ferrari range, a mid-rear-engined Berlinetta Spyder, and to make it ridiculously exciting and fast, it’s fitted with Ferrari’s sublime 610 kW (830 hp) twin-turbocharged 120-degree V6 that has added plug-in hybrid capabilities too. Yeah, you read right, there’s a newly-designed 120-degree V6 at work as the base of this new engine. There’s actually a bit of history to the name and the setup in the new Ferrari 296 GTS, back in 1961 the company released a mid-rear V6 in the 246 SP, which was good enough to win the Targa Florio for two years in a row. Again in 1961 the automaker won it’s very first Formula 1 Constructors’ title, and the car dubbed the 156 F1 was also powered by a V6 with that wide 120-degree angle. When turbocharging was added to the mix, the engine was used in two different Ferrari Formula 1 cars, the 126 CK and 126 C2 where it again helped win that year’s Constructors’ World Championship. One really cool thing is that the PHEV-turbo architecture that’s in the new 296 GTS is a direct filter down from the technology found in all Ferrari F1 cars since 2014. We love it when technologies and systems created to race in the pinnacle of circuit sports makes it’s way into streetcars. Sure it starts in the likes of Ferrari’s supercars, but you know with certainly that it will inspire new systems in the cars lower on the rungs that also take cues from Ferrari, like Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

There’s so much to talk about in the new Ferrari 296 GTS, but we’re still fascinated by the engine setup. That very wide 120-degree V configuration seems over the top. Most V8 setups make use of a 90-degree V configuration and the majority of V6 setups use a 60-degree V. There’s method to the madness though, the Ferrari engineers have used the wide space to nestle the turbochargers in, which helps with weight distribution, but we’re 100% sure it will result in mechanics who have to repair or service things in this new setup inventing new swear words. The setup is compact, and integrating the intake plenums and where the boost will run makes for a compact setup, again, mechanics are going to hate it. The plug-in (PHEV) hybrid architecture used in the 296 GTS is the first of it’s kind in a Ferrari for the road, and it powers the rear wheels.
The setup in the Ferrari 296 GTS produces 663 hp without assistance from the electric motors, when they’re engaged another 167 hp is added to the total power output, giving it class-leading power. While electric motors are coupled to conventional engines, we’re still lucky enough to have engines with a soundtrack that makes you want to flatten the gas pedal through the monocoque floor. Engineers loved the high-frequency tone created by the Ferrari 296 GTS so much that they dubbed it the “piccolo V12”, or little V12. It sounds like half of the screaming V12 from Ferraris of old. They say this is the result of that 120-degree angle that creates a symmetrical firing order. Of course the equal-length and tuned exhaust manifolds give the 296 a banshee-like scream that sounds better and better until the 8500 rpm limited is reached. Which happens pretty damn quick to be fair.
The specifications are amazing for the twin-turbocharged / PHEV 120-degree V6. It's compact with a 2992 cm3 capacity, but as said, there's still a whopping combined 610 kW available at 8000 rpm, with torque up at a high 740 Nm. The power works great with the weight distribution of 40.5 % to the front with 59.5 % at the rear. It's not quite the magical 50-50, but it's still pretty amazing. The 8-speed F1 DCT transmission is lighting fast and gives any driver the confidence to push it hard on the streets or the racetrack. Ferrari claim the 296 GTS will cross the 330 km/h (205 mph) barrier on top speed runs, and it can shunt from 0-100 km/h in as little as 2.9-seconds while 200km/h is reached in 7.6-seconds. It's fast. Very, very fast.

There's obviously a lot more to this amazing engine, and way, way more information you need to know about the car, it's styling, interior and systems. It's best to ask specific questions and we'll answer when we can, otherwise this would be but one page out of at least 20. We thought you would prefer an overview of the engine above the other information, because we think most of you are like us - mad about power!

Take a look at the YouTube video about the amazing new Ferrari GTS, minus a roof, but that's the part we love so much. These are the kinds of cars that turn people into lifelong petrolheads. Introducing the new Ferrari 296 GTS | Ferrari.


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