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Last year, the automotive world witnessed the debut of the Ferrari 296 GTS, an open-top version of the remarkable 296 GTB equipped with a monster of a hybrid V6 powerplant. As expected with that iconic prancing horse on the nose, it has a starting price of around R8 000 000. This means that 95% of the planet can’t afford one. Now they can, well sort of, thanks to Amalgam Collection's ridiculously-detailed 1:8 scale replica one can be had at a fraction of the price, a mere R260 723.95, add a grand or two for shipping and customs. No, there’s not an extra digit in that number, we just have an abysmal currency so an already expensive item on our shores becomes quite ludicrous. I could buy my daily driver three times over with that price tag… Amalgam Collection spared no expense in ensuring that their scale model captures every detail of the 1:1 Ferrari 296 GTS. To achieve this level of authenticity, the team at Amalgam took over 3 000 hours into the development of this masterpiece using Ferrari’s original CAD designs. They even used the Ferrari paint codes and material specs. The resulting parts see the steady hands at Amalgam take in the region of 300 hours to assemble, and so the production run is limited to 199 units, with the 200th one presumably being kept in the company’s vault. 

The precision and attention to detail are astounding, when the final product was in hand (two hands) Amalgam Collection took the scale model to Ferrari for a typically thorough Ferrari inspection where every single detail and measurement of the 57 cm long 1:8 model was looked at under the proverbial microscope. It seems Ferrari was very happy with the baby 296 because they allowed it to go into production, and we all know just how finicky the Italian automaker is with the brand and licencing from all the cease and desist letters in YouTubers mailboxes. While this model is technically a bargain for a 296, you still can’t get it and go anywhere with it, you also can’t carry it around to show it off. Well, you can, but it’s not advisable in SA. In all honesty, the only people who will buy these are the ones who can afford the 1:1 version, give or take one or two sales that will end up in the hands of the most serious of model car collectors. The only thing we’re wondering about is if the value of the model will increase over time just like the real deal, but knowing how these things go, the fact that there will be a limited number of models available should see it happen though. Rich people like to show off trinkets, especially if a premium was paid to attain said trinket, and this is one worth showing off.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the details of the absolutely amazing 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari Daytona SP3. The model car is so well-built with such intricate details that a photographer who knows what he's doing would be able to shoot it and fool people into thinking it's the real deal - which explains the insane pricing: The Ferrari Daytona SP3 at 1:8 scale | Amalgam Collection

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