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It’s no secret that official Ferrari merchandise is mad money. For the price of a decent jacket sporting the iconic prancing horse badge, you could feed a family of 5 McDonalds for a year. A fact that F1 fans seem oddly ok with, happily forking over premium money to show their support for their favourite team driver combination. Some things found in the official store are limited in numbers, and so these become collectables and their values skyrocket. You can get them signed by the driver or anyone in the race team and that will also help it appreciate in value. Collectors have rooms full of old race suits, helmets, engine parts and more that are worth mega money, but out of all the official Ferrari products we’ve seen for sale, this 1998 F300 Formula 1 car is the most expensive. With the car expected to fetch between $6 000 000 and $8 000 000, it’s quite likely that this will set a record for the most expensive Ferrari memorabilia to date. Sure people equate memorabilia to mainly clothing and model cars, but there’s no reason this original F1 car can’t be classed as memorabilia too. It’s simply a working 1:1 scale Ferrari F1 car. 

There’s no better way to show your affection for the Ferrari F1 brand than to own one of their actual racecars, and one with such a great history too. In the 1998 Formula One World Championship this F300, chassis no:187 won the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the French Grand Prix at Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit and most importantly for the team and fans, the Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo Nazionale Monza. This makes the F300 the most successful undefeated Ferrari Formula One chassis across all eras and is the only Ferrari Formula One chassis to run at least three races and achieve victory in every single race entered.

While the car went up for sale, also through RM Sotheby’s back in 2012, it must not have reached a massive reserve price, wee that’s what we surmise as media related to the sale didn’t happen. The provenance of this car shows that the previous owner bought the car directly from Scuderia Ferrari late in 1999, which is oddly close to its competitive years as ex-F1 cars usually only sell many years after their time in the spotlight. We’re guessing the previous owner was a proper attachment to the car, so it was either a Russian oligarch or a massive Ferrari fan that could have even been Schumacher himself. Of course, that’s likely not the case, but it’s cool to imagine. Pegged to fetch between $6 000 000 and $8 000 000, it will definitely be going to a good home and will be a record of some kind. There are not many people who could own this F300 and its 3.0-litre Tipo 047 V10 powerplant that revs to 17 500 rpm and produces 800 hp.

We'll be keeping tabs on the auction and we'll being you all the details if and when the sale happens and that's only if it's made public too. Some of these wealthy types like to spend silly money in private. Take a look at the most recent YouTube video made to play on your emotions a little while trying to dream up the right 6 lottery numbers so you can add a 1:1 model of the 1998 Ferrari F300 Formula 1 car to your 1:18 collection. Then check out the video below that from the last time this specific car went up for sale back in 2012, when it seems to have not been sold - The Most Successful Undefeated Schumacher Car | RM Sotheby's

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2012 Sales video

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