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Jalopnik has started a new car show called Car vs America. Jalopnik, the news and opinion site that focuses on cars, racing and other forms of transport, roped in their hipster–like editors to starring in a car-themed TV show aimed at bettering the myriads of other car shows.

It seems quite similar to Top Gear with lower to middle-end cars. The new show features 12 episodes and involves random adventures that the crew experience on a road trip across America. The first episode aired on the 18th of October and it didn't disappoint, bringing many giggles to the audience. 

Somehow watching hipsters in skinny jeans trying to use hammers and skid cars gets pretty entertaining. They decide to enter a skid place race and have to help the mechanics to take the back wheels off, take out the seats and any extra, unnecessary weight. Despite their apprehension and a healthy fear of death, they go for it despite sliding into the wall and spinning out in circles. But they didn't die...

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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