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Daimler and Bosch have created an automated parking garage that parks cars for you without using a valet. This means driverless valet parking is almost here!

Daimler and Bosch already have a prototype of the system that is being kept at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. 

The system works with existing self-driving technology using car sensors to communicate with other sensors in the parking garage. 

This means people can get out of their car and use an app to communicate with the car, telling it to park itself. 

While self-parking technology already exists in some cars, this is limited to spots found by the driver. The car is recalled using the same smartphone app, and Tesla has similar "summoning" technology. 

However, in this previous technology, the human still had to park the car first. 

This technology is fully automated. Cars can be parked inches apart because the car doors don't even have to open. 

According to Daimler, this technology will provide 20% more room in parking garages. 

Some people believe this technology could appear faster than self-driving technology because it happens in a closed, controlled environment. No more forgetting where your car is parked!

The only potential problem with the system is that it may not work with every car... but we will soon find out!

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