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"Right now, there are few greater threats to public safety than a Ford Mustang exiting a Cars and Coffee. To combat this national crisis, I recently filmed a video that shows Mustang owners how to leave cars and coffee events in a safe, delicate manner that doesn’t cause any form of ruckus. I did this in an 850 horsepower Mustang that’s painted bright orange.

As you may have guessed, this Mustang doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the people at American Muscle, which is a company based here in the Philadelphia area that sells parts for Mustangs and Ford F-150 pickups. And they agreed to let me come out, drive this Mustang, and have their host Justin teach me the rules for safely leaving a cars and coffee event unscathed.

But before I get to those rules, we must discuss two things. Number one: this Mustang. It has 850 HP. It is bright orange. This much you know. What you probably don’t know is that American Muscle is giving away this Mustang, along with a 2017 Ford Raptor, on their website.


Now, me personally, if I ran a business, I wouldn’t give away expensive things for free. But perhaps this is why they have hundreds of employees, and thousands of customers, and I am sitting in my house in my underwear at noon on a Tuesday trying to work the word “ruckus” into my opening paragraph.

So we’ve covered the Mustang. Now we must cover the current, um,situation with Mustang owners and cars and coffee. The situation is this: Mustang owners like to crash when they’re leaving cars and coffee. Well, they probably don’t like to. But they sure seem to do it a lot, sort of like how I don’t like to work out, but I still do it a lot, because my doctor insists Cheetos and Mr. Goodbars isn’t a healthy, well-balanced diet.

And this brings us to my video with the 850 HP Mustang. In this video, I tried my best to be your typical excited-to-leave-cars-and-coffee Mustang owner, while Justin was the calm, sensible voice that encouraged me not to do anything stupid, such as crash into a fence." - Doug DeMuro


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