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Date: 2017-10-17

Video: Speed Dating Gone Wrong! 2

We all know the common stereotype – women can’t drive. 

And then you get this woman who totally busts that myth, showing six unsuspecting victims what she is made of in her red Mustang. 

The guys were set up on “blind dates”, meeting up with her at a restaurant and eventually convinced to go for a drive in her Mustang. While all the men were no doubt impressed with her car of choice, little did they know that they had stepped into the world of a professional stunt driver. 

Of course, she had to play dumb at first, just to lure them into the trap a bit further. Some even offered to drive the car for her and offered advice on how to drive. Once they had settled in, she showed them what the Mustang was made of – drifting across the parking lot making the guys’ knuckles turn white holding onto their seats. Once they realized what they had gotten themselves into, they sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was definitely the best date they have had in a while. This blonde bombshell and her Mustang has everyone fooled!

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