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The world's fastest man has now experienced speed on a whole new level.

Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, took Usain Bolt for a joy ride in the Mercedes GT R (known as the green beast of hell). It is known to be one of the most intimidating cars to drive due to its aggressive nature, wide structure and speeds so fast it has a built-in race timer to record lap times.

The first lap was accompanied by squeals of enjoyment as Bolt felt the power of the car. On the second round, Hamilton turned the traction control off after a bit of worrying confusion as to how to actually do that. He took off, drifting around the track like a pro and even did a doughnut. Bolt jokingly accused Hamilton of trying to kill him to which he replied: "You're not dead bro". After ending it off in a friendly handshake, I don't think Bolt will ever forget what speed like that feels like.

Watch the video below for a bit of high-speed fun!

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