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The Vilaca Racing Time Attack Series is already heading onto the third round for the 2024 race season, but before we head through to East Rand’s Formula K racetrack, here’s a bit of action from the second round. If you like cars and motorsport, you’ll hopefully have heard about the Vilaca Racing Time Attack series, because it’s the best series of events of their kind and it features a host of well-prepared fast streetcars with talented amateur drivers who are amateur in name only - these guys are fast and a bunch of them also race in a few other race series. We’re two rounds down and Round 3 is fast approaching - it will be taking place at the fun and technical Formula K racetrack out Derlmas way on the 25 May and we’ll be there to watch the action. Round 4 will be held at Phakisa Raceway on the 29 June, Round 5 heads back at Zwartkops Raceway on the 17 August, September has a Wild Card round that may see the guys race in September in Mozambique, and then Round 6 arrives back at Formula K Raceway on the 9 November. Here are the latest driver standings for the driver championship for 2024, it’s only 2 rounds in and anything can happen between now and the final event at the end of the year, but this will give you a good indication of how things will go. The only thing missing is the best lap times from the various guys, hopefully, the website will soon start including those details, but if they don’t, just ask on the Facebook posts - we all like to know lap times, especially from cars like this that we can all relate to. The best part about when the series hits Formula K is that no one knows the layout of the track until the day of the event. The track is amazing and thanks to the way it's set up, a few different layouts can be set up to race on, and races can happen in either direction too. It can make it a little bit of a frustration for drivers not knowing which kind of setup to expect, but it certainly makes for brilliant on-track action.  

Take a look at the YouTube video that's a cool summary of what takes place at one of the Vilaca Racing Time Attack events - this time round it was the fast-paced Zwartkops Raceway that ate tyres and brakes: Vilaca Racing Time Attack 2024 Round 2 Zwartkops | Volaca Racing

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