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Volkswagen's factory produces more sausages than they make cars worldwide.

On the Discovery Channel show Richard Hammond 's Big Ideas, he takes us to one of the worlds biggest automotive manufacturers, Volkswagen. This is Volkswagen's factory in Germany.

However, Richard Hammond takes us on a rather odd tour of the Volkswagen factory. This time we're not looking at the development of the latest hot hatch Golf GTI, or the interior stitching of the top-of-the-line Amarok, but rather of something brewing up in the kitchen.

This Volkswagen factory has a huge kitchen that produces authentic German wurst sausages. They are not for sale to the public though, rather, they're to keep the stomachs of the automotive factory workers full throughout the day!

Richard Hammond takes us through the process of how the Volkswagen wurst sausage chefs make their legendary tasty treats. From the meat selection and chopping right through to the stuffing, and even a sniff of the secret spice and flavouring. But, probably the biggest head-scratcher is that this little kitchen in the German Volkswagen plant has actually made more sausages that Volkswagen has ever produced cars worldwide!

Take a look at the video below by Discovery UK on YouTube titled, Volkswagen's Factory Produces More Sausages Than They Make Cars Worldwide.

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