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Since the mid-2000s, Need For Speed fans were hoping for a return of the Need For Speed Underground series where car customisation was the main focus which is where the original Most Wanted fell short, but to the credit of Most Wanted, the graphics were better, the gameplay physics was far more realistic, and of course the return of cops in a Need For Speed game.

But gaming forums went ballistic with fans wishing for a Need For Speed Underground that was an amalgamation of Underground 2 and Most Wanted...But that never happened, well at least not for the next decade.

Then out of the blue, there was a Need For Speed simply titled "Need For Speed" that got released in 2015 and paved the way for the modern Need For Speed games, and that was essentially everything anyone could have asked for.

After Need For Speed 2015, out came Payback in 2017 which was not as cinematic as the 2015 release, but offered incredible open-world gameplay as well as night and day racing.

Then out came Need For Speed Heat in November of 2019 which wasn't exactly a disappointment, but rather less of what was expected. The car customisation possibilities in Heat are incredible, the storyline is not too shabby either, but it lacks in something that Need For Speed 2015 had, and that was the fact that tuner car culture was at the heart.

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