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For some, this is an abomination, but for those looking to the future, this 1968 all-electric Mustang Fastback is glorious – It's the Zombie 222.

When anyone mentions electric vehicles these days, most of us immediately think Tesla or, perhaps, the EV divisions of the German big-three – nobody really considers the smaller, private car builders out there.

That's what makes videos like this one so rad.

Feast your eyes on the Zombie 222. Yes, on face value it's got that classic Mustang Fastback shape, and it looks really well-cared for. Which it is. But, underneath the skin is where the magic lies.

A dude called Mitch Medford and his team from Bloodshed Motors has embraced the fact that electric vehicles are not going away anytime soon, and has found a niché in the market for converting, well, pretty much any car from a gas-guzzler to a more polar-bear friendly EV.

The focus today, however, is on just one – the 1,000hp, 1,800 lb-ft of torque 1968 all-electric Mustang Fastback. That power translates to a quarter-mile time of 9.89 seconds at 140.6mph, and a standing one mile top speed of 177.8mph. Considering its original 0-60mph took 7.5 seconds and now it's belly is full of heavy batteries, that's astounding.

As our host, Steve, in the video below says, "They don't call it a Hot Rod; they don't call it a Rat Rod; they call it a Lightning Rod".

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