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Here is why the Polestar O2 concept car comes with its own drone.

Polestar is a car company that is pushing the world of EVs further and further into a far greener future for us all. But unlike many other EV makers, Polestar knows how to impress!

The Swedish carmaker has been around since 1996 and essentially piggy-backed off of Volvo and had its foot in the door thanks to its racing heritage. However, the company now is owned by Geely of Hangzhou as does Volvo. The main headquarters still reside in Sweden, but the actual Vehicle production takes place in China, which makes sense.

Even though Polestar is one of the newest car companies on the planet, they sure have made one hell of an impact in the car scene. Not only in the EV market but also in tuner culture and the gaming community as well, after all, the Polestar 1 made it on the cover of Need For Speed Heat, the latest Need For Speed game.

In the latest Polestar news, Polstar has just released a brand new concept car that they call the Polestar 02 Roadster Concept and it is looking insanely good!

But there is a feature of the Polestar O2 that has quite a few people scratching their heads, and that is that the Polestar O2 concept has got a drone built into the car that even has its own landing and taking off spot from the trunk lid and can even be controlled via the infotainment display.

You might be thinking that the drone probably has some very important features like object detection or nighttime road illumination, however, it's called the Polestar Cinematic Drone which does nothing but capture impressive aerial imagery of your car.

It's without a doubt a cool feature but it's nothing more than a gimmick that will most likely never see the light of day in reality.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Waveform Clips on Why Does This Polestar Come With A Drone?

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