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There is speculation that the director of the first Fast and the Furious movie will return to direct the final instalment of the 20-year-old franchise, but just how viable is it?

Rob Cohen was the father of The Fast And The Furious. In The late 1990s, Rob Cohen was inspired by a news article that was published at the time and based on the underground street racing scene of Los Angels. He noticed that there was a major shift in the scene as people saw the typical American muscle cars as a thing of the past and modifying and racing cheaper Japanese cars was what was the in thing. These cars look incredible with their large body decals, massive rear wings, modified turbocharged engines and it was influenced by the hip-hop culture.

Rob Cohen approached his manager with a script for a movie concept called Redline that was approached to Universal Studios and was approved on the same afternoon.

The title was changed and the movie was to be called The Fast And The Furious. This movie was an ultimate success for its time and relatively small budget. Rob Cohen saw huge potential in Vin Diesel and went on to film the xXx movies with him. Vin Diesel was approached by Universal to return for a second Fast and Furious movie but turned it down as he didn't like the script. Rob Cohen, on the other hand, was focused on the next instalment of xXx and was not phased about another director involved in the second Fast and Furious movie.

From then on, Universal Studios wanted to resurrect the Fast and Furious franchise with Tokyo Drift and used Justin Lin as the director as he was a car enthusiast as well, and Universal loved the fact that he was able to double up on the return on investment for this movie. There is no official statement as to whether or not Rob Cohen was approached by Universal to direct this movie or not.

There has been a lot of speculation around Rob Cohen being a part of the final Fast and Furious instalment as a director or co-director. It would be a fantastic way to end the franchise, however, there is a lot of politics around this as Universal Studios needs to make a profit and they have only seen success with their latest director of the movies, however, if Rob Cohen were to be a part of it all, he would most likely be a co-director which would be incredible for the fans nevertheless.

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