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We have spoken about this car in depth over the years here at SXdrv, and it still never fails to grab our attention. But one question we have never answered until now is who was responsible for putting that car in the movie, and how and why did it get approved in the first place?

Before we get into detail about the 2 Fast 2 Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, we have to realise that the original Fast and the Furious movie was the first of its kind in terms of basing a movie around the tuner car scene. At the time, this was rather unknown by the general public. The director, Rob Cohen, wasn't necessarily a big car guy. In fact, he was more interested in those typical "rice" factors in terms of modifications. Think huge grill bumpers, roof scoops, massive exhausts and big ol' wangs at the back, and not really what type of car it was.

Technical advisor, Craig Lieberman, would pull the rope the other way again. And, thankfully, he got his way most of the time. Thanks to him, the hero car was a Supra and not a Dodge Neon for example.

Fast forward to 2 Fast 2 Furious, the sequel to the original movie. All of a sudden, we're presented with a terrible looking Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. The actor who was going to drive it, Tyrese Gibson, managed to convince the art department to redo the interior and get bigger wheels, which definitely improved it, but why an Eclipse Spider to begin with?

Well, as it turns out, Universal Studio's was given one, and that was the defining factor as to why it made it into the movie. According to Craig Lieberman, if a production company gets a free stunt car, that is the absolute ultimate. They can do whatever they want at no cost or consequence.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, VINwiki, on Who Let A Mitsubishi Eclipse Become The Fast And Furious Hero Car?

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