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Take a look at these nostalgic car toys that 90s kids will never forget spending countless hours playing with.

For a lot of car enthusiasts today, the type of presents you got on Christmas morning or on your birthday played a vital role in sparking your obsession for cars!

Here we dive into the top 7 car toys every 90s kid will always remember:

  1. Tyco RC Psycho
    As much as you loved Hot Wheels, when you saw that your neighbour got a Tyco RC Psycho, you were jealous AF! This rad toy car had massive wheels and could jump over objects, spin around, and was remotely controlled.

  2. Ninja Turtles Pizza Van
    Throwback to TMNT and the pizza van, which could load up mini plastic pizza's and shoot them at enemies.

  3. Hot Wheels & Paint Pen
    The paint pen was an accessory for Hot Wheels cars that allowed you to draw on racing stripes and paint Hot Wheels cars to your own design.

  4. Hot Wheels Clean And Service Station
    What's a decent Hot Wheels car collection without having your own wash and service station?

  5. K'NEX
    What seems to be an early take on LEGO Techniks allowed kids to build their own creations. This one offered a lot more car orientated components.

  6. Batmobile
    This generation of Batmobile car toy transformed into two motorcycles.

  7. Tomi Porsche Driver Seat
    For the youngsters, this car toy was insanely cool for the 90s generation. It featured a working steering wheel and gears, and allowed you to race in a game on the screen.

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