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When you normally see cars going through manufacturing tests, it's pretty boring, but this is definitely a suspension stiffness test like no other. All you need are a few fast cars and some gorgeous women.

As a rule, the sportier the car, the stiffer the suspension, especially when it comes to track cars. But, what better way to test out this theory, and get epic reactions, than to place a gorgeous woman into the passenger seat of, say, a Pagani Huayra 703S or Dodge Viper SRT.

Now, as a petrolhead, you've likely been in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat or Porsche 918 Spyder, and felt that raw power. But, some of the ladies in this compilation video by YouTuber, PetrolHead, definitely haven't. Some of them certainly haven't been in a modified car of any sort, and the reactions are priceless.

So, what do you think, has this not been the most informative test you've seen today? We sure are blessed to have such incredibly gorgeous suspension testers helping out, although we don't know who's heart rate is higher after this video.



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