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The Aptera Motor Company is slowly but surely getting closer to reaching its goal. They want to make the most efficient electric car on the planet. Although their concept is questionable, to say the least, they have officially demonstrated its incredible 1,000-mile range!

The Aptera is a lightweight three-wheeled electric car that gets its power from the sun. Its ultra-aerodynamic design only allows for two passengers sitting close side-by-side, like something out of the Jetsons.

But milage alone won't directly translate into mass sales, and there are a few problems with the Aptera. One being safety concerns. Being super lightweight doesn't help, and the fact that it's a three-wheeler raises eyebrows as well. Then there is the fact that it's solar-powered... How often does an average car spend in the sun?

Well, this does depend on the owner. Usually, a car would be stored in a garage or, during the day, perhaps in underground or covered parking. What about owners in rainy climates and not sunny California? All these are significant factors, but hey, we're not engineers. We guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Watch the video below by the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on the Ultra-Futuristic 1000 Mile Solar Electric Car Shown Off...

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