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Take a look at Aston Martin's key demonstration video on what you receive with your new car and how it all works.

Car key technology has changed drastically over time and, more recently, new and innovative methods have improved safety and convenience with all forms of car makes and models.

Aston Martin has uploaded their car key demonstration on what their keys look like, how they work and what you will receive in the key box when purchasing your new sportscar.

All new Aston Martin owners will receive a custom key box with the car keys inside. You'll notice there are three keys each owner will receive, one being the main car key, one being an identical spare key, and you'll also receive a manual emergency key.

Your main key will be used to operate the vehicle as per usual, and will work for the optional keyless entry system as well. The key has a feature that if you press and hold down the open button all the windows, doors and, if you have a convertible, the roof will fold down entirely.

The emergency key is used in the event that you have misplaced your main keys, if the car's battery is flat, or if the batteries for your main keys are flat as well.

Check out the video below by YouTube channel, Aston Martin, on The Aston Martin Key Demonstration.

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