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Date: 2019-02-23

Aston Martin's new P1 successor, the hybrid 003 hypercar, is set for the big leagues.

Aston Martin is set to unleash an all-new hypercar near the end of 2021, featuring a turbocharged internal combustion engine paired with a hybrid system. At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the ‘003’ – as it's currently dubbed in reference the fact it follows the Valkyrie and its track-only twin, the Valkyrie AMR Pro, as Aston's third mid-engined model – will be on show in prototype form.

Considering this car is supposedly set to sit in the middle of the range, it will probably use a smaller engine than the naturally aspirated V12 of the more expensive Valkyrie. Aston Martin claims the new powertrain will sit within a lightweight chassis, and offer class-leading dynamics on both road and track.

Aston reckons the 003 will launch with an active suspension system, and an active aero system but likely without a massive movable rear wing.

The 003 will have less compromise than the race-based Valkyrie, according to Aston Martin, with more focus on road driving with luxuries such as integrated luggage space as a boon.

Looking at the teaser image, the narrow cabin, wide hips and tall rear diffuser are reminiscent of the Valkyrie, while top-mounted exhaust outlets, and a rear aero-bridge ad to the drama.

Fortunately, the new hypercar will be on display at this year’s Geneva motor show in an almost production version. Aston says only 500 of the 003 will be built, and customers will receive them near the end of 2021.

How amazing is the idea of a 003, McLaren P1, and Ferrari V6 hybrid-powered supercar match-up? We know we want it.

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