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Aston Martin’s new luxury Lagonda brand set to debut with an all-electric SUV in 2021.

We have been hearing a lot from Aston Martin lately, from their V600 Vantage limited edition V12 and now here they are making headlines with their new Lagonda Sport Utility Vehicle concept, which we think is a pretty smart move on Aston Martin's side due to the skyrocketing popularity of crossovers and SUVs.

Aston Martin has revived its Lagonda luxury brand, and an all-new SUV will be its first model to hit the market. The new model will make its debut in 2021, and has been revealed for the first time in this official design sketch.

As the image shows, the Lagonda SUV will be heavily inspired by the spectacular Lagonda Vision Concept revealed at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Expect a sleek, cab-rearward shape featuring deeply sculpted sides.

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The new model, Lagonda claims, will be the first fully electric luxury SUV to hit the market. It’s part of a strategy which will see the brand producing a range exclusively powered by emission-free powertrains.

The saloon previewed in Geneva is due to arrive in 2023, with a coupe variant expected at a later date. The adoption of solid-state battery tech should see the saloon cover approximately 650 kilometres on a single charge which is completely ahead of its time as far as electric vehicles go, and wireless charging is also expected to feature.

The Lagonda SUV will share some of its technology with the Aston Martin DBX, which is likely to be named Varekai, being built in Aston’s new St Athan factory in South Wales. President and CEO, Andy Palmer, refused to confirm whether Lagonda's will come out of the same plant, though, saying that other locations were under consideration, too.

Talking to the media at Lagonda’s launch, Palmer said: “I’ve been a student of the electric [car] industry since it began and nobody has replicated what [Elon] Musk did to create a purely 100 percent electric car company.

“Just being one car in a range doesn’t make a statement, while saying ‘this brand is electric’ and pinning your hopes and prayers on that technology, I think is a more powerful statement that’s easier for the consumer to understand."

Aside from the Lagonda being the pinnacle of luxury and technology ever seen in an SUV, this is one incredibly good looking car. Closer to the launch, the power and feature figures will be announced and we expect it to be mind-blowing!

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