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It's time to head to Canada and meet a cast of characters that'll have you wondering what you've just watched and left in awe at the result.

Meet Bad Chad, owner of Green Goblin Customs in Canada, and his motley crew that simply love cars. And make the most ludicrous custom vehicles you're likely to see.

In this, the first episode of the series, the team take on the task of modifying a rusted old 1939 Studebaker Commander, turning it into a three-window coupe for the Atlantic Nationals, where over 100 000 people attend, with just over a month to get it done.

The beauty of this show is the rawness of the rural Canadian culture, not to mention what they can achieve with a limited toolset. It's just a team of fearless dudes not scared to chop up and weld together anything they get their hands on. The build might not meet Euro NCAP specifications but it's what little boys dreams are made of.

Smash the play button below and lose yourself in a show that's pretty unique, to say the least.

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