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These car inventions were ambitious but failed miserably.

Car accessories and technology have come a long way since they branched off from the old horse and carriage, but as convenient as modern car technology is, there have been some car inventions that failed and died a horrible death shortly after implementation.

Here are some car inventions that failed but were actually taken seriously at the time:

1: In-Car Coffee Machine

Fiat launched a version of their 500-L that came standard with a coffee machine, however, it wasn't a great hit, nor was it available in countries other than Europe.

2: In-Car Toilet

This one has been thought of time and time again, and seems like a great idea, but the more you think of it, the worse the idea becomes! However, this has been done already by Cadillac during an attempt for a non-stop long journey for a publicity stunt, but even more bizarrely, Cadillac had intentions of offering to their production vehicles.

3: Mercedes Air Balance Package

The idea behind Mercedes's Air Balance Package was having a system that keeps your car smelling fresh and new with the use of perfumes and fragrances. However, they later discovered that a large percentage of the population is allergic to certain ingredients in perfume and that would directly affect their car sales.

4: Bose Suspension System

The audio company, Bose, came up with a revolutionary suspension system that makes use of magnetism to give the car the smoothest ride possible. It worked incredibly well but it was very heavy and far too expensive.

5: Onboard Record Player

Back in the day, the concept of having a choice in what music you want to hear while driving as opposed to just the radio was greatly desired, but the problem was that record players are incredibly sensitive and would skip and damage your record with the slightest bump and car movements.

Take a look at the video below by Donut Media on failed car inventions.

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