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It goes without saying that Hot Wheels and custom car makers fit like cogs in a gearbox, that's why the Hot Wheels Virtual Tour that brings both together is so outstanding.

This year of the Hot Wheels Tour, because of the coronavirus lockdown, is virtual. The terrific idea behind the tour is that Hot Wheels will turn the eventual winner into a diecast scale model that will be sold around the world.

It's a prize that any petrolhead would love to win, having your full-sized creation immortalised in a 1:64 scale toy that transcends generations is incredible.

In this video, we get to join Mickey from throtl as they host the round with five other judges, including TJ Hunt and two Hot Wheels designers, as they check out 20 new entries to the competition.

It's a tour that inspires both old and young enthusiasts because it pulls car-lovers of all kinds together. Although they couldn't get together physically for this tour, the virtual aspect to it is actually terrific because the chat and interviews with the judges and guests are remarkable. The designers have such insight into the development of these scale models, and it's an engaging conversation, to say the least.

This is a long video, but worth the watch. So get yourself a beverage and maybe some snacks, sit back and enjoy the show.

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