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Yeah, you didn't read that title incorrectly, unfortunately. The European Union is currently in negotiations with car manufacturers around the world, discussing implementing a new mandatory car system called regulation 2019/2144. It mandates that, from the 6th of July 2022, all newly sold cars in the European Union must be fitted with Intelligent Speed Assist or ISA.

The idea of the new law is to discourage people from driving over the speed limits on European roads, and works by a collection of different systems. Depending on the manufacturer, the car will either automatically slow down if the driver exceeds the speed limit, or will deliver a series of warnings. These will include lights on the heads up display, vibrations in the seats and or steering wheel, or even alarms to alert the driver to slow down.

Furthermore, all this information may be stored on the onboard computer. Once taken in for a service, these records may be accessed. If the driver continuously exceeds the speed limits, he or she may be liable to a fine.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Auto Trader UK, on Mandatory Car Speed Limiters Are Coming!

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