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Ferrari seems to hate influencers who modify their Ferrari's, but why is this?

There have been many cases over the last couple of years where Ferrari has sent cease and desist letters to anyone who lavishly customises their Ferrari.

Yes, unfortunately, it is true. Even if you work hard your whole life and earned some extra cash, and with that money, you happened to buy a Ferrari which is 100% yours, you maybe want to think twice about what you do with it.

Celebrities and individuals who have wrapped their Ferrari's, posted images on social media with other cars and products, and doing third-party aftermarket performance upgrades and modifications to their Ferrari can make you quite unpopular with the Italian supercar brand.

The most recent incident was with DJ Deadmou5 who owns a Ferrari 458 that he wrapped with light blue and animated characters. He soon thereafter received a cease and desist letter from Ferrari, who eagerly insisted he have it all removed or face legal action.

You might actually wonder why this is. Ferrari is an extremely proud company who will do everything in their power to protect their heritage, but the argument is that these kinds of actions by the company can potentially drive future supercar buyers to competitors like Lamborghini!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on Ferrari's War On Influencers.

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