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You read that correctly – outlaw moonshiners started America's favourite motorsport, Nascar.

History is fun. Well, sometimes it's fun, so we thought we'd share a bit of rad history for you to use at the pub after work to help you sound smart.

In this video, the chaps over at Donut Media give us a breakdown of how moonshine 'runners' were responsible for Nascar. Basically, during prohibition in the US really annoyed those who really wanted their favourite tipple.

To outrun the cops, runners would transform their cars by stripping them out, modifying the engines and shocks, and wrapping their wheels with the best tyres they could find. They had to blend into the crowd though, so, basically, they drove the very first 'sleepers'.

When prohibition ended, these runners had more time on their hands and, with these modified cars, they did what any petrolhead would do... they'd race!

Long story short, this, likely illegal, street racing eventually was sanctioned and evolved into the racing we see today.

Want to learn more, then check out the video below.

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