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The internet has proven to be highly useful for all of society, access to information, globalisation, industry and networking, but with the good also comes the bad.

The internet now has its own subculture and is also filled with people out just to look for trouble as they feel as anything can be said on the internet with no consequences.

Someone recently commented on Ford's new Ranger Raptor commercial video online, and had a negative comment to say about its primary blue colour and called it "very gay!". Instead of retaliating, Ford used this to their advantage and turned it into an LGBTQ+ support promotion and made a one-off custom colour Ford Ranger in sparkling gold with the iconic rainbow colours on it as well. They also did the same thing to a Ford Ka cabriolet. And on both cars, they promoted the hashtag #VeryGay to show their support.

Take a look a the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Ford's Unusual Response To A Hater...

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