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What’s more fun than jumping a Ford Raptor with a hot girl in the truck? The answer is, well, not much.

Check out this video of the gorgeous Gisele getting a ride in a Ford Raptor as it catches air after hitting a ramp.

The guys over at High The Corvette were in the middle of a photo shoot with a Lamborghini when the rain chose to pour down so, after it stopped, they decided to take Gisele out in the Raptor for some off-road fun!

She seemed confident yet a bit nervous as to what's about to come in the beginning but, after the Ford Raptor caught air the first time, she was then hooked! Like a child on a slide, again! again! again!

I wouldn't dare do this in my car as I can barely get over a speed hump, nevermind take it offroad and do some major jumps, but in the Ford Raptor, it is like riding on clouds!

Would you hop in the passenger seat and have a go? We would!

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