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Every kind of car has its own legions of fans, and Honda’s Civic Type R has a worldwide cult-like following. The Civic Type R is a legend in performance motoring circles, even now the older 1600cc normally aspirated models from the 90s is super sought after in original form. The car was quick for what it was, and it featured a lightened body, uprates suspension and a few other tweaks here and there to make it unique, and especially fast on track. Compared to rivals at the time, it was untouchable. The Civic Type R also remained normally aspirated for a lot longer than what other automakers did, their high-compression, high-revving normally aspirated engines were able to compete with the turbocharged models in the same hatchback class. When Honda did eventually decide to give the Civic Type R some turbocharged assistance, they pulled out all the stops. The very clever men in white coats managed to give the front-wheel driven car the handling characteristic of a consummate all-wheel drive. The handling is pretty much second to none.

When turbocharging happened, it changed the game for the front-wheel drive hot hatch market. The Civic Type R was not only better in the handling stakes, it was better in the power delivery stakes too, making better power than the rivals. It made what was on offer in the Volkswagen GTi seem a little tame. In fact to get up to the times and speeds the Civic Type R was capable of on track, they needed to release special limited edition versions of the GTi in the form of the Clubsport and the Clubsport S. Even Renault's Megane RS battled to get lap times on par with the Honda.

Now in 2022 when we’re seeing possibly the last run of high-powered turbocharged engines that live on dead dinosaur juice, the all-new 2023 Honda Honda Civic Type R has been out testing before it’s worldwide release and when it was taken to the iconic Suzuka Circuit, it was fast enough to set a track record for the front-wheel drive class. It just effectively broke it's own record that was set by the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition which was a specially tuned, lightened and more track focused version than the regular car. The 2023 Civic Type R being tested is pretty much the one that will be available to the public too, and it’s beaten a special edition already. That’s impressive in anyone’s books. This all-new Honda Civic Type R claimed the Suzuki Circuit front-wheel drive track record with an amazing time of 2:23.120 on the 5.8 km track.

Take a look at these YouTube videos about the all-new Type R proving it’s only competition is itself at Suzuka, along with an extra in-car view of the timed lap below: The All-New 2023 Type R Achieves Track Record at Suzuka | Honda - The All-New 2023 Type R: In-Depth Look at Suzuka Circuit Track Record | Honda

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In-Car footage

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