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How to make the best egg on toast with your Rolls Royce.

Cooking with your cars engine heat is nothing new, as demonstrated on Top Gear by Jeremy Clarkson doing the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car segment with Gordon Ramsay. They baked a couple of meals in the engine bay while driving around the Top Gear test track, however, Gordon Ramsay's opinion was as you'd expect, saying it was ghastly and tasted like petrol!

This time, however, we see the Supercar Blondie co-host, Sergi, demonstrating how to cook the perfect eggs on toast, with the help of a Rolls Royce and the hot Middle Eastern sun that reached a scorching 45 degrees Celcius!

Sergi first cracks open the eggs with the help of the Rolls Royce Spirit Of Ecstasy emblem, then continues to place the eggs on a tray and into the V12's engine bay they go! In the meantime, the slice of bread is placed on the hot bonnet. To get the temperature optimal for cooking eggs, Sergi recommends revving the engine 6.5 times, then you'll have the perfect breakfast!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Supercar Blondie, on How To Turn Your Rolls Royce Into An Egg on Toast Cooking Station.

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