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The Lamborghini Revuelto is the Italian automaker’s raucous entry into the world of hybrid-electric supercars, and it’s an engineering and technical marvel. Besides the superb Lamborghini styling, the Revuelto features an all-new hybrid-assisted that will lead the company’s way into the future. The powerplant, dubbed the L545, in the Revuelto may be a hybrid but at the serious end of things is still a monstrous yet lightweight 6.5-litre V12 that creates a very healthy power figure of 589 kW with some proper torque that’s measured at 725 Nm. The hybrid side of the equation is split across three electric motors, two of them are on the front axles and a third is integrated into the transmission when combined, these push the available power up to a whopping 736 kW. The resulting performance specs say the Revuelto can hit 100 km/h in as little as 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of over 350 km/h. The replacement to the outgoing Aventador was released a little over a year ago and we’re already seeing the second special edition created by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam customization program. The first one was created to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, part of celebrations that lasted for the entire 2023. This one was called the Revuelto Opera Unica and was hand-painted with intricate brushstroke details in warm and cool colours that took 435 hours to complete. This car was a one-off though and will likely spend its life doing the rounds at various Lamborghini events around Europe. What you see here is the second carefully customised Revuelto, and it was created to celebrate the first edition of the new Lamborghini Arena event and just like the Opera Unica, there will only be one. 

When most companies celebrate something they make a batch of stickers or some branded coffee mugs, Lamborghini did typical Lamborghini things and fully customised one of the new Revueltos to celebrate the inaugural Lamborghini Arena event. It’s the biggest event in the history of Lamborghini and it took place at the world-famous Imola Grand Prix circuit in Imola close to where the company is headquartered. This special car was unveiled at the event, and it became a highlight of the show, which was the point. The exterior of the Revuelto features contrasting paint hues with some new carbon fibre elements that create some amazing visuals. The bodywork is painted in Grigio Hati (grey) with details in Verde Scandal (green) that accentuate the car’s lower line, roof, mirror caps and rear diffuser surrounds, all combined with the Verde Chiaro (light green) on the brake calipers. The rear part is inspired by the Italian flag, with red, white and green stripes embellishing the lower surface of the moving wing. The hood is crisscrossed by two racing-style stripes in Nero Noctis (black), and the roof, rear “cofango”, spoiler, air intakes, sill inserts, and other details are made from high-gloss exposed carbon fibre, giving the elements a shiny effect enhanced by the split-sized 21-inch and 22-inch high-gloss black Altanero alloy wheels. Interior trim mimics the exterior colours, with Nero Ade (black) sport seats featuring stitching and piping in the Verde Scandal hue, the same colour used for the Lamborghini logos embroidered on the headrests. The bulkhead panel lining is embellished with exclusive embroidery depicting the map of the Imola Circuit along with the lettering “Lamborghini Arena 2024” in Bianco Leda (white), and escape route maps in Verde Scandal (green). There are also exclusive carbon fibre plates with “Lamborghini Arena 2024” and “Ad Personam” logos located on the ends of the dashboard.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows just how good the inaugural Lamborghini Arena event held at the Imola Grand Prix Circuit to celebrate all things Lamborghini - a massively popular event that pulled in over 180 different Lamborghnis - as seen through the eyes of YouTube channel Varryx: 180+ Lamborghini arriving at the BIGGEST event of the year! - 2024 Lamborghini Arena | Varryx

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