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#SHEdrivesalambo takes the Middle East by storm. The latest awesome adventure from Italian supercar automaker Lamborghini has just hit the road, and it’s some ground-breaking stuff. Picture this: a convoy of fierce women, revving their engines from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah, powered by none other than the mighty Lamborghini Urus S. Yes, you heard that right. In a region where luxury meets speed, these ladies have taken the wheel, covering over 400 kilometres of pure adrenaline-filled driving. But this wasn't just any road trip. No, no. It was a journey through the heart and soul of Lamborghini, a brand synonymous with breaking barriers and defying expectations. From the winding roads to the off-road escapades, every twist and turn of the route was a testament to the Urus S's dominance on all terrains. While an all-female lineup driving supercars is nothing new, it’s quite a big deal in the UAE. For a long while, women weren’t permitted to drive in the various territories and countries that make up the UAE, but in 2018 the driving ban was officially lifted and this meant that the women with the means started buying some serious cars. If you know anything about the UAE, it’s that more people can afford supercars than in most places. The ban lasted for around 60 years, so it makes sense that when driving was once again allowed women in cars became big business. So the #SHEdrivesalambo initiative isn't just about the thrill of the ride. It's a movement, a statement of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Paolo Sartori, Regional Head of Automobili Lamborghini Middle East and Africa, put it best: "We're not just here to break stereotypes; we're here to shatter them." And with events like these, Lamborghini is paving the way for a future where anyone, regardless of gender, can feel the rush of the open road. For this event, Lamborghini seated the women in the aforementioned Lamborghini Urus, one of the most sophisticated and fastest SUVs on the planet, and they mapped out a route that would properly put the SUV through its paces while treating the drivers to some of the best sights and sounds in the UAE.

There were some great pit stops, first up, a gastronomic delight at Puro 1484, perched atop Jebel Jais, the highest peak in the UAE. With a backdrop of majestic mountains and surreal landscapes, it was a feast for the senses. But the adventure didn't stop there. Oh, no. The convoy ventured deep into the Al Wadi desert, where the night sky met the roar of the Urus S, and an authentic Arabic dinner awaited under the stars. As for the fleet of cars used for this momentous occasion, the fleet of Urus SUVs had passed through Lamborghini's Ad Personam program where the personalisation options are as endless as the desert horizon. From sleek colour palettes to bold trim designs, the Urus S can be tailored to suit just about any style from understated chic to full-throttle sportiness and performance. The main selling point of the Lamborghini Urus, besides the bull on the badge, is the powerplant. In this case, the SUV makes use of a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 that offers up a very healthy 483 kW with the associated torque up at a powerful 850 Nm. The performance SUV isn’t a small thing, taking up plenty of space on the road, tipping the scales at over two tons, yet it still has the performance you’d expect from a Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Urus Performante can get up to the benchmark 100 km/h speed in as little as just 3.3 seconds, and if you have the road space and you mash your right foot flat, it can run on to a massive top speed crossing the 300 km/h barrier - 306 km/h to be exact. To make the trip across the desert-like environment even better, the Urus Performante features the Rally drive mode, one of the reasons the car clinched the Production SUV record at the 2022 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event. Here's to the fearless women behind the wheel, blazing trails and turning heads wherever they go, the #SHEdrivesalambo journey has only just begun, but one thing's certain: the road ahead looks mighty fine.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the previous #SHEdrivesalambo event that shows off a host of women who were given the opportunity to pilot some of Lamborghini's finest metal in an event tailor-made for women to enjoy. It's much like the ;latest event minus the sun and sand and great weather: #SHEdrivesalambo: our celebration dedicated to women | Lamborghini

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