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If you haven’t heard of Pimp My Ride, you’ve either been living under some sort of rock, or you’re not into cars. For a quick catch-up, West Coast Customs was started a good 30 years ago by Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton "Q" Dodson with a $5,000 loan from Ryan’s grandfather, and it was the first proper customisation shop to gain worldwide recognition. It took 11 years, but in 2004 after being chosen as the subject of a reality series that was to air on the popular MTV channel, the company and the projects they create became a phenomenon. The show was presented by rapper Xzibit, and it was funny and entertaining. The premise was to select a shitbox of a car from a viewer and rebuild it with modifications tailored around the owner’s needs, job or hobby. These projects were quite involved, although years later some of the cars have popped up and the work had many shortcuts that could have been done better, but as long as the ratings were high, it didn’t seem to matter. The show lasted for 8 seasons and did wonders for the company and the brand. The quality of the work seen on the show was okay, especially when you consider the elaborate and over-the-top modifications often undertaken, but the quality of work on the cars of actual paying clients was top-notch. This is why the company is still around today with a host of amazing builds attributed to the company. The client base is still star-studded featuring celebrities, pro sports athletes and musicians. One of the latest cars that attracted our attention belongs to Hip Hop artist Chief Keef, and it’s the 3rd revision of his Lamborghini Urus SUV.

Keef’s Urus was first seen in the factory-original yellow paint and was given new wheels with a bunch of visual accents. When he got bored of that look, the car was sent back to WCC for a new look, and it was such a unique look that went viral online, so there’s a good chance you’ve likely seen it on some or other social media channel or website. The Urus was transformed into a lookalike of the famous Mystery Machine van from the Scooby Doo cartoons, something quite unexpected for a Lamborghini SUV. The car has remained in that aesthetic for a while now, and that means it was time for another revision, so the Urus headed back to WCC. This time around the cartoon vibes were chucked in favour of a fighter jet look, complete with a weathered look and those iconic teeth as seen on the Flying Tigers Curtis P40 Warhawk planes used by the American volunteer pilots commissioned with defending China against Japanese forces. The Urus was wrapped in the appropriate theme, but vinyl can only work to a certain degree. Once wrapped, the WWC crew brought in well-known airbrush artist Ryan ‘Ryno; Templeton to work his magic on the car, and he actually painted on the weathered looks along with a bunch of cool small details that really bring the overall theme to life. Keef is also a massive Hot Wheels fan, and that’s why the car features the instantly recognisable logo on its flanks. The wheels were updated to match the new theme, and the end result is just amazing. The car should keep the kief-loving Keef happy for a while, but when he gets bored, we’d love to see the next incarnation of the Urus.

Take a look at the YouTube video that feels like a proper throwback to the original Pimp My Ride show where the crew from West Coast Customs transform hip-hop artist Cheif Keef's Lamborghini Urus from a fun-loving cartoon series look into a mean-looking fighter jet-style theme complete with airbrushed vinyl. The only thing missing from this video is having Xzibit narrate the whole thing: Chief Keef's Fighter Jet Urus | West Coast Customs

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