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Volkswagen has been churning out production and concept EVs like they have a factory that makes them. We’ve seen some interesting cars of late, but this here concept EV is pretty much the only one that’s been created to focus on performance. Oddly, the recently revealed ID. GTI concept wears the iconic GTI badge which alludes to the model being the ultimate in performance, but the details we’ve seen so far don’t really lend to that narrative. It seems like the word performance needs to be in the actual name, like with this newly revealed concept that’s been given the nomenclature of the ID.X Performance. The specs of this car are what we wanted to see in the ID. GTI, but with the automaker sharing its toys under the Modular Electric Drive (MEB) there’s no reason that the powerful setup in this car can’t be used in the ID. GTI, too. Andreas Reckewerth, Head of Technology Office MEB, and his team created this concept show car on the basis of the new ID.7. He says: “The MEB offers many fantastic possibilities for approaching vehicle development with a great deal of creativity. It was clear to us that we wanted to base our new show car on the ID.7 and that we would focus on enhancing the performance. In this way, we can show what is possible.”

Even though the ID.& has a Tesla-like body shape, there are definitely no issues with its looks and styling, the changes carried out to create this concept car have been just about spot on, it looks really good. The ID.X Performance features a carbon fibre front splitter and rear diffuser, tinted taillights, a 60 mm drop in ride height, 20-inch centrelock wheels wrapped in 265-width race tyres, increased toe angles and a rear wing that works well to finish off the looks and aero. Inside there’s a pair of carbon bucket seats and red accents splashed around to emphasise the sportiness. The best bit is that there are dual electric motors sending power to all four wheels, there’s a permanently excited synchronous motor on the rear axle with an additional asynchronous motor on the front axle. The advantage of this setup is a short-time overload capability and low drag losses and it is ideal for delivering short-term power in the form of a boost function. Boost in an EV, we like the sound of that. The Volkswagen ID.X Performance has a reported 411 kW of power on tap, and that’s more than any combustion-powered VW on the market. As we’ve alluded to, this will be the perfect setup for an upcoming GTI EV, so we can only hope all the right bits from the MEB platform are shared across.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off the exterior and interior details of the VW ID.X concept car from when it was recently revealed at ID. Treffen in Locarno on the Swiss side of Lago Maggiore. We like everything about it, but it is a little strange having a very Tesla-like body shape when the automaker could have gone with any styling it could think of. We still like it though, a lot, check it out: VW ID.X Performance (2023) Interior and Exterior Details | Autowizja

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