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While there are a few cars in the class, we reckon the Audi RS 3 is the dog’s nads and that the other class offerings don’t quite compare. Yeah, there’s that A45 AMG and the VW Golf Mk8 R each with their own great features and selling points and some are (on paper) better than what the RS 3 has but as an overall package there’s nothing that comes close. The Audi S3 and RS 3 has always been something special, but this latest generation is the one on my lotto win hit list. As is the norm for these automakers who specialise in performance, there will be updates and special editions throughout the model’s lifespan to keep the car both competitive to rivals and appealing to possible buyers. In the case of this brilliant 3rd generation Audi RS 3 the latest update comes from Audi Sport and it’s received a bump in power and performance, which explains the reason it's been dubbed the Performance Edition3.

On this Performance Edition3, the RS 3 now lays claim to a total power output of 299 kW (407 hp) thanks to a rework of the ECU to raise boost pressure by 0.1 bar to measure in at 1.6 bar and this sees the 0-100 km/h dash get sorted out in as little as 3.8-seconds. The top speed has been affected too, this tune sees the RS 3 Performance Edition3 have a new top speed of 300 km/h. There’s no word of any changes to the TCU but that very good 7-speed S-tronic DCT can also be tweaked as we know from our dabblings in the aftermarket tuning world. There’s also an audible change to the RS 3 in this guise variable exhaust flap has been fiddled with so when the car is used in Dynamic, RS Performance, and RS Torque Rear modes the exhaust flaps open wider when stationary to make the car attract attention even at idle. These changes make this the best hot hatch out there, well to SXdrv anyway.

Other changes present in the Performance Edition3 comes in the form of negative wheel camber, a stiffer wishbone, an RS-specific tube stabilizer with a higher spring rate, the RS sports suspension with adaptive damper control , pressure and rebound damping have been increased, a set of Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R semi-slicks, new dark grey matte 19-inch rims, and black badging. There’s a bit of a gimmicky thing too, when car is opened, the digital daytime running light displays a checkered flag on the passenger side and 3-0-0 on the driver side. When closing the car, R-S-3 lettering appears. While driving, the checkered flags act as the daytime running lights. Then, when you open the doors 'RS Performance' is projected onto the ground. We like gimmicks. Inside we find RS bucket seats as standard, blue belts and stitching matches the blue shade of the steering, the infotainment display features a carbon look and shows the 1-2-4-5-3 firing order.

This RS 3 Performance Edition3 is limited to 300 numbered units and is available from Q1 in 2023 in hatch and sedan variants. We're not sure if any will make it to our shores though. Take a look at the YouTube video, well it's more of a teaser trailer of sorts, but it's a glimpse at the limited number Audi RS 3 Performance Edition that's been tweaked in all the right places and even gives the hatchback a 300 km/h top speed: Audi RS 3 performance edition – Trailer | Audi Club North America

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