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As you may be able to tell if you follow the content on this site, we quite like trawling the automotive listings from the most well-known auction houses to find interesting cars. Some gems pop up every now and then, but some definitely stand out more than others, like what you see here. This is a 1994 Bugatti EB110 GT, a legendary supercar that still impresses today, almost 30 years later. I was in high school when this car was released and I remember seeing it on the cover of many car magazines and not long after on bedroom and workshop walls around the world. The performance of this car was hard to imagine back then, even now it’s seriously impressive. The EB110 was powered by a relatively small capacity powerplant that measured in at just 3.5-litres, but it still had twelve cylinders in that space. To make it completely ridiculous, four turbochargers were added into the mix. It was thought that four smaller turbos would spool up quicker than a pair. To bump up the stakes, the 550 hp that it produced was fed to all four wheels via a 6-speed transmission. This means that it could hit 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds and had a top speed of 341 km/h. As expected, a supercar with stats like that wasn’t cheap, it sold for around £285,000 at the time. With inflation, that’s roughly £726,000 today - or R17 200,000 in our play money.

These cars are properly rare just 136 units were made, and nearly 30 years later not all of them still exist. We’ve seen a few crashes online over the years, but we reckon there are still at least 130 of them. This one that features in the upcoming Zoute auction is in a rare Indian Red paint and has only had two previous owners.  It was bought new on 8th July 1994, and was acquired by the current owner in May of 2005, also through a Bonham’s Auction. It’s finished with a grey leather interior and has a Nakamichi stereo system (so does my 2001 Opel Corsa) with remote control. Since that sale, the car has lived in a dry storage facility in the Middle East as part of an extensive collection of this calibre of car. It’s been off the road since then, so wherever it ends up, it will need to be road-registered again. This slice of automotive history has covered a mere 7 102 km in its 29-year lifespan, and 70 of those took 18 years to add on. The car was likely only ever driven to move it around the collection, and maybe one drive down the local pub to show it off to some mates over a pint. When it goes under the hammer in October, it’s expected to fetch as much as €1,200,000, or roughly R24 500,000. That’s without shipping or taxes or any of those other charges that make grown men cry. We’ll keep an eye on the auction and report back once the hammer drops, it’s what we do at SXdrv. Check out the listing over at Bonham's and fully appreciate the images used. Props to the photographer!

Take a look at the YouTube video that we're happy still exists. This is official footage from back in the 90s that was used to promote the iconic Bugatti EB110, one of the most insanely fast motoring creations that can still hold its own a good 30 years later. These supercars were only produced in limited numbers, less than 140 of them exist and that means on rarity alone it's worth mad money. We're guessing it will fetch the higher end of the sales estimation, this will be sought after by numerous collectors: Bugatti EB110 Original Factory Footage Bugatti EB110 Tribute Commercial Classic Bugatti Video Carjam | CARJAM TV

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