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The weekend-long Simola Hillclimb that takes place annually up a winding 1.9 km-long stretch of road in picturesque Knysna has become a bucket list event for motorsport fans, drivers and even photographers and content creators. The racing is divided into a variety of categories and classes, starting off with Classic Car Friday which features loads of rare racecars from every era of racing you can think of trying to tame the hill. Saturday and Sunday are when most make the effort to go watch because not everyone can fake a cough properly to get a Friday off to go watch some racing. This entails the King of the Hill shootout, the highlight of the weekend, especially the Modified Saloon Cars class that’s packed with some of the country’s fastest cars and drivers, some professional, some privateers - all talented and fast. One of the race teams that’s guaranteed to be entered on the weekend is that of Scribante Racing, a professional outfit that campaigns a few cars over the course of the weekend. The construction moguls have some amazing cars, the most famous of which is the R35 GT-R nicknamed “The Sherriff”. When the car was first unveiled, the pics of it went viral thanks to some immensely over-the-top aero making it instantly recognisable, and fast. The car owns the official Simola Class record. Another car in the fleet comes from the German side in the form of an Audi S4 Quattro, but like the GT-R is a completely bonkers hillclimb beast.

The Audi features widened arches to accommodate some fat rubber and has a large lower front splitter for downforce, helped along by a couple of canards higher up. The rear features a giant rear wing that looks just right. The windows are all Lexan pieces and inside the cabin, it’s all as you’d expect in a dedicated racecar. Under the bonnet is where things are a little different. The 3.0-litre V6 powerplant comes from the factory with a supercharger providing boost, but in this case, the Scribante Racing team decided to add more boost by adding in a turbocharger to the mix. The fully forged setup sends around 640 kW to all four wheels. An amazing side-effect of this unorthodox manner of making power is a soundtrack that can shatter ear drums. The car is manually-shifted too via a conventional H-pattern transmission, although that in itself is modified. This is one of those cars that photographers love because you can hear it approaching from a few corners away making it easy to prepare the right settings and compose the shot you want. This year the car was one of the lucky locals to be chosen by Hillclimb Monsters as a car to highlight, and that means this is now the coolest video of this car made to date. That onboard footage with the overhead shot to show the shifting and steering is pure brilliance.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the masters of the craft of bringing you the world's best hillclimb events and cars. In this instalment they focus their lenses on a crowd favourite at the famed Simola Hillclimb in Knysna, the Scribante Racing Audi S4 Quattro - a big-winged monster with one of the most easily identifiable soundtracks at the annual event: 850Hp AUDI S4 Quattro TURBO & SUPERCHARGER || Insane Sound ONBOARD | Hillclimb Monsters

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