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Maaaan, rich people have the coolest toys! This has to be one of the coolest, although this one would suit kids from the last generation because it’s pedal-powered, the new kids on the block want things that are battery-powered or there’s no interest which explains why plus-sized kids litter playgrounds these days, when they actually leave the house and the smart TV screens. There’s a company called Half Scale Cars and as the name suggests, the company specialises in creating cars that are 50 % of the size of a regular car and they’re sold via Harrods of London at silly prices. A few years back it was reported that Manchester United and England wing Jesse Lingard and Southampton and Republic of Ireland striker Shane Long bought Half Scale Cars for their kids to putter around in. At the time, the scale model car cost more than Lingard’s 5-Series BMW. For a car that tops out at 25 km/h, that’s a bit on the silly side. But who are we to tell millionaires what to do with their money? One of these half pints is headed to an RM Sotheby’s auction in the coming months, and this one is in the form of an E-Type Jaguar, so typically British. This one doesn’t have any form of propulsion though, it comes fitted with pedals only. They can be optioned with a small petrol-powered engine or an electric setup when buying new though. At least pedals will keep the entitled sprogs somewhat fit.

These reduced-size cars have been in production since 2013, so you know this model is low mileage. To make this even better than usual, it’s been given a once-over to make it stand out a little (ok, a lot) more. In a process taking a whopping 1,500 hours of manual labour, the baby E-Type was covered from nose to tail with more than 100,000 Xirius-cut Swarovski crystals. In this case, the crystals are in a typical shiny crystal colour, but when ordering one of these new, any shade of crystal can be used. If we go the right 6 lotto numbers and end up with proper F-you money, we’d order one of these for our kids with a Swarovski Union Jack so it looks like the one Austin Powers drove because we’d be tacky rich. The car features functional covered headlights, slim bumpers, and a small oval front grille, while inside there’s plush velour suede, a bench-style seat, diamond-quilted panels on either side of the carpet on the floor and a working hooter. This baby Jag that you see here was shot for RM Sotheby’s Auctions by automotive photographer Damian Blades over a 6-hour period and the quality images will surely help this car reach the auction estimates of fetching between £12,000 and £15,000, or up to, and get his, an insane R360,000!

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off this rather amazing car that's touted as a toy. It's from Half Scale Cars and is a Jaguar E-Type with a 50 % reduction in size that's been covered with 100,000 Swarovski crystals to make it the standout toy at a 1 %ers children's party. Usually on sale at Harrods in the UK, but this one has made it's way to an upcoming auction: Crystal E-Type - Half Scale Cars | Damian BM

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