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Any BMW that wears the M Performance badge should be brilliant, well the real ones from the factory, not the 320d versions with flea market badges. The new BMW M2 promised to be one of the fastest M-badged cars, and it looks like it has delivered. In this guise, what you see here is the coolest BMW M-Car to date, well if you ask us. It’s got that weird styling that is all boxy and angular that harks back to the E30 M3 days. The car has been out for a minute, and most recently we were introduced to all the AC Schnitzer components to make it a bit prettier, but now we finally get to see the car in action so we can find out if the most compact of M-cars can lay down like law like its M-badged counterparts. Luckily, we have some answers and new data to argue over at the pub. Powering the BMW M2 is that proper powerplant that’s shared across a fair amount of BMW models in different states of tune. This powerplant in the BMW M2, the twin-turbocharged inline-6 creates a healthy 338 kW of power with torque rated at 550 Nm, which translates yet again into the car being able to hit 100 km/h in a smidge over 4 seconds and has a top speed limited to 250 km/h, or 285 km/h if you spend a bit more on the options list. The baby M-car has all the right facts and figures to make it an impressive performer, and this latest video released by BMW M shows the 2-door coupe attacking the iconic German circuit and claiming a new class record at the hands of BMW driver Jörg Weidinger. Watching the video, the man drives like he’s possessed and skilfully takes the car home to a new record on the 20.832 kilometre-long circuit.

“We know what the vehicles are capable of. But in the end, you only see on the day of the record attempt whether all the factors fit.” says Jörg Weidinger, development engineer and race driver. Well, all the factors did fit and the BMW M2 proved to be properly quick. “The perfect matching of suspension, engine, transmission and co is a series component of our vehicles: We achieve records in SPORT mode which was tuned to suit the Nürburgring.” says Klaus Huber, Head of Driving Dynamics and Setup at BMW M. Watching the video, we see that Jörg linked up every corner just right and kept the Michelin tyres in the perfect line to pull off the best lap time possible. While the car is reportedly in standard trim, which it needs to be when claiming a record, it should top out at 285 km/h if the right option was ticked, and on that last straight-ish section of the track, we see the car hit that max speed for a split-second. That’s properly impressive. The compact M-car has more than proved itself, and this is in stock form - on the long 20.832 km circuit the baby M posted a mightily-impressive time of 7:38.706 minutes. Proper.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing the compact BMW M2 C take on the famed German circuit in an attempt to rack up another record to add to the list of bragging rights held by M-cars. The M2 has all the right facts and figures associated with it that should see the car run really well on the circuit, and fans have expected the car to do great, and the 7:38.706 lap time was just that: THE M2. Record Lap Nürburgring Nordschleife. | BMW M

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