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Yeah, we would 100% daily one of these things. There are so many positives, like never having to give anyone a lift, never having to pay at security booms, never having to stop at the shops on the way home to fetch Woolies fresh veggies because dinner will be an absolute waste without them and we don’t waste in this house… So the new Mono is a clear evolution of the previous model with an updated design language and it’s amazing, it has such a smooth and futuristic look to it, like Manga-esque even. While it’s clearly intended for high-speed fun on the world’s best circuits, it will also have no problems being out on the open road, something that was done on purpose. Having a single-seater feel at home in both scenarios was the driving philosophy behind the creation of the new Mono. “Mono is an authentic BAC supercar – it delivers the typical – yet not easily achievable – attributes that are part of the BAC DNA like high-performance, lightweight engineering, dynamic chassis, optimised suspension and an emotional design,” said Neill Briggs, co-founder and head of product development, BAC. “Just as importantly, Mono also creates a connection to a new type of BAC driving experience, one that can seamlessly take to the road as easily as it can encounter the demands of on-track driving. In many ways, this new supercar is a homage to the original BAC Concept that we established over a decade ago, proving its fundamental longevity. The new Mono is a single-seater tour-de-force that has been engineered for balance but developed for extremes” he added.

The new Mono is powered by a normally aspirated powerplant devoid of any form of assistance, which is quite rare in this league of car. Everything is either turbocharged, supercharged or has some kind of electric motor in play. In this case, the power is great for an N/A setup with a healthy 232 kW and 313 Nm of torque on tap. While those aren’t huge numbers, they still give the Mono an incredible power-to-weight ratio of 546 hp-per-ton thanks to the car’s rather low weight. This BAC tips the scales at just 570 kg and has an optimal weight distribution of 41% front and 59% rear which means this is gonna handle like it's on proverbial rails. It’s claimed to be able to hit 100 km/h in less than three seconds. “The launch of the new Mono is a pivotal milestone for BAC,” said co-founder and design director, Ian Briggs. “Its proposition is different to that of Mono R but for its visual identity we wanted to forge a connection between the siblings that positioned them side by side on the one-seater supercar spectrum. With a more rounded aesthetic form, the Mono delivers that objective impeccably, evolving our current design language to reflect a more contemporary outlook.” Chris Lockhart, Head of Global Sales for BAC, adds: “Demand for this new supercar is unprecedented. In fact, such has been the interest, we’ve already taken orders on the Mono before its official unveiling, with the first example due to be delivered immediately following the event.”

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off the sleek lines of the updated BAC Mono that actually looks like it will be at home on the streets. There's just something cool about driving a single-seater on the roads, although we think curbing wheels will be a common occurrence. The biggest bonus is giving the car a screaming normally-aspirated powerplant, the world needs more of those: Introducing Mono | A balance of extremes | BAC

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