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You’ve heard of New Zealand, right? Well that name alludes to the fact that there may be an older Zealand, and there is. Zealand is a Danish Island, and in the town of Præstø, there are some amazing things taking place. It’s the home base for Zenvo Automotive, one of the world’s leading hypercar manufacturers, and they’re in the news again thanks to the reveal of a pair of amazing new models. Last week the Danish firm released the all-new Zenvo Aurora which comes in two versions called the Agil and the Tur. The Agil translates to Agile and Tur to Touring, and the names denote the intended uses for each car. Of course the names sound way better in Danish. On the Aurora side of the name, the etymology harls back to the Aurora Borealis, that amazing rare light phenomenon Even the names have a cool story. With the automotive press loving the 15-unit Zenvo ST1 from over ten years back, every new model had to live up to it, and so far they have and that bodes extremely well for the Aurora twins. As the names have alluded, one car has been created to be the vicious and manic speed demon with no holds barred, and the other takes up the mantle of a grand tourer that’s more composed and suitable for the gentleman bazillionaire. The cars share the same powerplant and the differences in performance come down to the setup and the weight, but both will be blisteringly fast and will wipe the floor with many a competitor car. To make the car the talk of the town, Zenvo popped in the most powerful V12 engine ever fitted to a road car.   

So having the most powerful V12 sounds like quite a task, especially since Lamborghini has been the only brand to really focus on a 12-cylinder engine. A lot has been done to make it special, as you’d expect. The powerplant has a healthy capacity of 6.6 litres, and together with renowned engine parts manufacturer Mahle, it’s been treated to some amazing go-fast bits, like a set of four turbochargers. Yeah, it’s quad-turbocharged, which is awesome and when everything works together as it should the powerplant churns out a mighty 1 250 hp, or 919 kW. In the Tur, this setup is assisted by a lightweight electric motor system, adding up to an extra 600 hp, depending on the drivetrain configuration - all-wheel drive in this car. The Agil gets 200 hp extra from electric assistance because in standard form this model is rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive can be optioned though. The setup in both cars makes for fast driving. The Auroras can launch from zero to 100 km/h in as little as 2.3 seconds and will have a top speed of an immense 450 km/h. The Agil is the aerodynamically aggressive one that features a stripped-out cabin and rear-wheel drive system as standard and tips the scales at a mere 1 300kg. The Tur is the fancy one for the larnies, and it has permanent all-wheel drive. There will be only 50m models of each Aurora produced, so don’t expect to see one at your local track day, unless it’s a hypercar owners day. 

“The Aurora project is best described as an equilibrium of extremes,” explains Chairman of the Board & Chief Commercial Officer, Jens Sverdrup. “Throughout the development phases, we have been very clear that we did not want to be chasing specific numbers or laptimes, as this can then cause a distraction or compromise when it comes to other areas. However, what was important, was the drive to push the Aurora to be on the leading edge of what could be achieved through pushing each element to the maximum in synchronisation with the others. We just wanted to build an uncompromised drivers’ car, which delivered on every level, but without any one aspect negatively impacting another. It was approached in a very Danish way, meaning every part is carefully considered, and we wanted to introduce this style and design philosophy to the hypercar segment. The outcome has given us two models, which complement each other, deliver true driving pleasure and, almost as a by-product, offer incredible performance.”

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off what happens when an automaker can't decide on one new model and so create two and reveal them at the same time. The new Zenvo Aurora features a pair of new models under that name, the Agil and the Tur. Modern hypercar twins with sublime V12 powerplants packed with all the latest tech: Designing the Zenvo Aurora | "Kinetic Art" | Zenvo Automotive

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