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Just by looking at the bike, you can tell it will be an all-electric affair, it just has those futuristic lines that remind you of watching Streethawk as a kid (if your ID number starts with a 19, that is). That bike was futuristic AF, well back then it was, now it just looks like a regular bike with angular body parts, but still. This FUELL Flow gives off those vibes, and we like it! Also, you can sort of tell that it has motorcycle Legend Erik Buell behind it because while it’s styled like a daily commuter from 2034, it still somehow reminds one of a Buell bike, from the company (now part of Harley Davidson) Erik founded but left to go solo. The Flow is built with longevity in mind and so it’s comprised of lightweight alloy castings and a magnesium monocoque MonoStruct. It will last, and should even handle a few fall-overs without being compromised. The bit between the rider’s legs doesn’t need to house the motor these days, and that’s because Flow features an Axially Integrated Transverse Flux motor directly into the rear wheel. The space left open becomes the perfect spot to put a battery, that will also be upgradeable in the future as technology and capacity improves. Clever. There’s also 50 litres of storage space.

As we’ve implied, the FUELL Flow isn’t meant for breaking speed records, it’s designed to be an affordable modern commuter. So a single charge will give the rider a range of a decent 240 km. If the rider ticked the right boxes, his Flow could have the ultra-fast charging option that sees the bike able to charge the 10 kWh battery in 30 minutes or less on public access chargers. Impressive. The electric setup has 34.5 kW of power with a massive typically-electric torque figure of 750 Nm. With the whole package weighing just 180 kg, this thing will easily transport larger riders. It can get to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, and for comparison, a BMW 1000RR superbike does it in 3.1 seconds. The FUELL Flow tops out at 140 km/h, and it can sustain that speed without issue. That’s not superbike fast, but fast enough to hurt when you come off. It does have eTraction and launch control on board that manages wheelies and wheel-slip to make sure you don’t bin it on your first angry pull-off. The Flow also features a patent-pending Advanced Braking System with a front hydraulic disc brake with ABS, and it drops the rear brake pedal while integrating the braking mechanism straight into the rear wheel’s motor. This allows for regenerative braking, helping to extend range. There will be changes to the setup in the future, as is the norm with start-ups and their first big showing, but that just means things will get even better from here. That’s great when the starting point is already something special.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off the awesomely futuristic-looking Fuell Flow ElectroBike (yeah, we just made that up, let's see if it catches on) that promises to be a brilliant option for those that want to get into the world of two-wheels while trying to save the planet. The clip also has some details from Erik Buell, the man behind the world-famous Buell motorcycles, which gives credibility to the electric bike startup. FUELL Fllow - Ride Into the Future | Fuell

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