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Esperienza Neve loosely translates to Snow Experience, and so it makes sense then that an event called Lamborghini Esperienza Neve alludes to Lamborghinis driving in snow, and that’s exactly what you see here. These events take place across Europe across the winter months, or at high altitudes where snow stays snow, but this is the first time the event has taken place in the southern hemisphere. Lucky Lamborghini owners and special guests assembled in Queenstown, New Zealand, as Lamborghini treated them to an unforgettable experience Esperienza Neve. The Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds were turned into a playground of excitement, with Lamborghini cars and SUVs taking centre stage on the icy circuit. Imagine being lucky enough to be allowed behind the wheel of a Huracán Tecnica, feeling the power of the Huracán STO, exploring the capabilities of the Urus Performante, and taming the Urus S – all against a picturesque snowy landscape. This wasn't a spectator event; participants got to drive themselves guided by seasoned Lamborghini driving instructors who showed the best way to exploit the capabilities of the cars. If we planned the event, we’d have made sure to have invited a crew of competent content creators to cover the event, but with disclaimers that any “incidents” to be kept private. Besides the cold, this is likely the reason no spectators are allowed. 

Lamborghini Esperienza Neve was a three-day event and participants indulged in typically-Lamborghini luxurious living on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and being treated to gourmet dining experiences at exclusive restaurants on the South Island of New Zealand. The perfect way to prepare for snow driving. The invitees were able to sample the Urus Performante and Urus S models, equipped with four-wheel steering, and they effortlessly manoeuvred through the challenges of the ice track. The Huracán STO and Tecnica models were on hand to give a sampling of massive power going to the rear wheels only, so a good amount of sideways action took place. And then there was the showstopper: the Huracán Sterrato. An amazing fusion of an all-terrain vehicle and supercar, it was a sight to behold as it showcased its prowess on snow and ice. Thanks to the revamped LDVI system (Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics), the Huracán Sterrato seamlessly transitioned between road, sport, and rally modes. The winter proving ground witnessed its agility and adaptability as it conquered the low-grip surfaces with finesse. We reckon this must have been the most fun car to drive out of the lot thanks to being purpose-built for driving scenarios like snow, ice and gravel. Francesco Scardaoni, the head honcho at Automobili Lamborghini for the Asia Pacific region, summed it up perfectly: "Esperienza Neve provided our valued clients with the perfect dynamic ice driving environment to experience the powerful performance and potential of our Lamborghini cars in winter conditions." It wasn't just about driving; it was about immersing oneself in the Lamborghini experience, adapted to a winter wonderland - in the southern hemisphere. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from one of these really cool (pun intended) Lamborghini Esperienza Neve events, but this round took place in Italy. For some reason, videos of these snow-driving events are rare, likely because it's too cold to stand outside with a camera in hand, but that's just the Saffer in me that thinks 20 degrees Celcius is cool enough for long sleeves. Until Lamborghini uploads a vid of their own, you get to see Franciosi Jr's coverage of the Italian leg of this Lamborghini snow-driving roadshow: ON THE ROAD - LAMBORGHINI ESPERIENZA NEVE 2023 | Franciosi Jr.

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