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We’re starting to see the results of the new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) shared by the exclusive brands under the VAG banner, and it looks to have been a long-coming, yet great move. The platform was created for the electric age, and we’ll eventually see models from Audi and Porsche making use of it, and possibly from VW, although initial reports are that it won’t be used for VW, SEAT, Cupra or Skoda models. Our thinking is that the next-generation VW Touareg may make use of the platform because it’s traditionally been pretty much an Audi with different clothes. One car that’s just been revealed using the new platform of the Audi Q6 e-tron and besides that special over-thought-out livery, it looks every bit as good as you’d expect and only a close look at grilles and exhausts outlets will indicate its use of a fully-electric powerplant. In the case of the SUV you see here, that’s only a working prototype for now, there’s a dual-electric motor setup with a combined output of around 295 kW. One of the PPE’s features is the way the battery packs are stored between the axles, and this allows the fitment of a sizeable 100kWh battery pack. Also equipped with new 800V hardware, fast charging is an option where the electricity grid allows, and a full charge can offer up a very impressive 600 km range. That’s great mileage for a full tank of fuel on a car of this size, so being able to afford the Audi Q6 E-tron with such a long range will be a definite selling point when the production version eventually hits the showroom floors.

On to that livery you see on the Q6 e-tron prototype wasn’t a thumbsuck. Audi has been giving prototypes and one-off models individual decals, we’ve seen it on a few cars recently, most notably the S1 Hoonitron. “Audi’s design language is taking the next step with the Q6 e-tron, and we wanted to make that clear in the decals,” says Audi designer Marco dos Santos. “A vehicle’s architecture and character are always unique and so is each individual decal design. It always starts with deciding which elements on the vehicle you want to highlight and emphasize.” While the new project draws on previous design elements, each new model also opens a new chapter. dos Santos remarks. “At Audi, technology and design are inextricably linked and form a single entity. As our technologies become more powerful and precise, this is also visible in our design, choice of materials, and storytelling. Basically, we want to start a conversation with the decals. Certain things are perceived differently in different countries, but in the end, design either works everywhere – or nowhere.” The design is comprised of large-scale radial graphics in Gloss Fierce Fuchsia with detailed geometric mesh and stripe graphics in Silver. Another neon red line runs around the rear to highlight the quattro blister and a close-meshed grid runs along the upper edge of the body. We quite like the white wheels to keep the clean theme going, a theme that gives the impression of cleanliness and efficiency.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the all-new Audi Q6 e-tron that makes use of the company's new platform planned for a bunch of future EVs - PPE, which stands for Premium Platform Electric. The car seems to tick all the right boxes, and the electric power on board is good for 290 kW of power and an almost 700 km range: WORLD PREMIERE! 2024 AUDI SQ6 E-TRON - FIRST DRIVE WITH THE PROTOTYPE - CRAZY TECH! and 600KM RANGE | Auditpgraphy

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