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It’s hard to imagine a top-level executive from BMW bouncing around a dancefloor at an electronic music festival wearing Speedos, waving glow sticks and blaring on a whistle, but there must be at least a few of these. We know this because BMW has once again partnered up with Tomorrowland, the world's biggest dance festival, and company execs get involved with things they know, it’s just how it works. Last year the German automaker revealed its all-electric iX1 at the festival using superstar DJ Steve Aoki’s star power to get everyone’s attention, and this year the Tomorrowland partnership see’s the inclusion of Ai music-generation outfit futurerecord.ai and a competition via TikTok. The point is to use artificial intelligence to help create a banger of a tune that could be played at Tomorrowland. Futurerecord.ai is an innovative platform that invites EDM aficionados across Europe to create their own personalized dance hit in the "Track to Tomorrow" interactive experience. Seeing as the theme is Ai and using it to create music, Chat GPT will now explain how it works…

Step 1: Your AI-Powered Jam Session

Through an engaging chatbot conversation, you'll answer a series of fun questions about your music preferences, desired tempo, current mood, and visions for Tomorrowland. Using the magic of AI, each of your answers will be transformed into musical elements, blending them into a unique and personalized "Track to Tomorrow" just for you.

Step 2: Your Lyrics, Your Story

But that's not all! The AI will also create custom lyrics for your track, giving it a personal touch that aligns perfectly with your answers. These one-of-a-kind lyrics will be displayed in sync with the beat, turning your song into a captivating audiovisual experience.

Step 3: AI-Generated High-Impact Artwork

To make your creation even more eye-catching, AI steps in once again to craft stunning cover artwork for your track. Prepare to be amazed by the impressive blend of technology and creativity.

Step 4: Share Your Masterpiece

Now that you've crafted a masterpiece, it's time to share it with the world. With a simple link, you can directly share your "Track to Tomorrow" from the AI application. Want to spice up your social media game? Download various assets, including a mesmerizing video featuring the AI-generated imagery and your track. Perfect for sharing on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, this will surely make you the talk of the town.

Pro tip: 

Add a heartfelt intro or a special dedication before the song starts, making your track even more shareable and heartwarming.

With this groundbreaking AI-driven social media campaign, BMW is not only reaffirming its role as a pioneer of innovation but also making music history across Europe. Get ready to witness a flood of creative content from passionate fans in all European markets, leading up to, during, and after the electrifying Tomorrowland event. Keep an eye out for influencer activations and exciting marketing strategies on TikTok, as they'll be adding fuel to the fire of this game-changing campaign. BMW is proving yet again that they're not just a luxury car brand; they're an innovative force to be reckoned with. So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity run wild at futurerecord.ai and get ready to dance to the beat of your own AI-generated track. This is your chance to be part of the future of music and join BMW in redefining what it means to innovate. Mark your calendars – futurerecord.ai went live on September 17, 2022. Don't miss the chance to make history with your unique "Track to Tomorrow"!

Take a look at the YouTube video, an after-movie from last year's Tomorrowland music festival held annually in Belgium (and online during Covid quarantining). It's easily the biggest and best dance music festival in the world, and while you may not hear any of the Ai tracks in here, you'll see what the festival is like and just why a massive company like BMW would want to be involved in it: 3 Are Legend (Dimitri Vegas, Steve Aoki & Like Mike ) | Tomorrowland 2022 - WE3 | Tomorrowland

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